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High voltage parallel capacitor

The main purpose and scope of application:

The high voltage capacitor is mainly suitable for 50Hz or 60Hz AC power system, improve the power factor. Reducing the reactive power loss, improving voltage quality, give full play to the efficiency of power production and supply equipment,etc. Has recommended to the national energy-saving products.

The main technical parameters:

1.The rated voltage: 6.3kv、6.6kv、6.6√3kv、10.5kv、11kv、11√3kv、12kv、12√3kv、 19kv

2.The rated power:30-334kvav

The other voltage level and capacity can be special ordered.

3.Capacitance allowable deviation:-5~+10%

4.Loss angle tangent value: the film composite dielectric tan8≤0.08%

The whole film dielectric tan8≤0.05%

5.Standard: the product conforms to the national standard GB/T 112024.1-2009 and  international standard IEC60871-1:2005

The main specifications:

Note: other special specification products according to user’s requirements.